Artists Value Brushes

Artists Value Private Label Brushes

“Artists Value” Private Label Series

Pro Arte offer six ranges of brushes under the general title “Artist’s Value”, to which your name can be printed to give them a bespoke and personalised look. By doing this, it gives your brand name a much greater profile. These brushes reflect any artist’s essential requirement, so whether painting in watercolour, oil or acrylic, there is a brush which will be eminently suitable. In other words, tried and tested styles that will market easily.

They are available primarily to dealers who market by mail-order using catalogues and the internet. We believe that your customers are generally looking for a bargain and we base this on the fact that most mail order dealers offer discounts. So, in the circumstances, these brushes are priced with significant savings against our flagship ranges.

These brushes will help to promote your name and website, but Pro Arte are not simply leaving it up to you to market these value ranges. Internet sales have experienced massive growth and in order to promote the ranges we have created a specialist website where these brushes are showcased. There is a ‘Find A Stockist tab’ which lists all participating dealers. This then hyperlinks to your website where you can make any sales once you have listed your ‘AV’ brushes. Further to this, we promote this website through different approaches. We sponsor Google advertising under both sections of ‘Artists Materials’ and ‘Artists Brushes’ and we also place regular advertisements in the specialist art magazines in order to drive potential customers through.

ProArte Artist Value